Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The pain in my life

And here we have the real reason for me attempting a blog. And I am not a romantic. And have never been very romantic. Don't think I have ever bought flowers for anyone other than my late mother.
Even from my windows days (so long ago) I cut down facebook time as it uses quite a bit of data. And on a slow pc it is painful going from page to page.
One nice thing about it, you get an email saying some one has left you a message or posted on your wall.
Was chatting to Ian with Pidgin when a popup window said I have a message on facebook, from a name that I did not remember. So being quite a nosy guy I decided to go and have a look.
Blast from the past. First name familiar. Surname not. This bird said we had dated for a short while in the mid eighties. Please reply. Thought about it for a day or two then replied. Today I am so happy that I did.
One or two messages there and I was asked if I remembered that I had a daughter. Really had to think about that. Something in the back of my mind bringing back some not so hot memories. Anyway I was told that this daughter of mine was very talented and I was told to go to youtube and type in tara. Did that.
Many links to all sorts of tara's.  Even women wrestlers. Back to facebook. Next message said try tara-lynn sharrok. Did that, waited the five minutes or so this setup takes to do these things and nearly fell of my stool.
Could have been looking at my sister over 35 years ago. This page was for an audition for Mary Poppins in Australia. I read what was available on the page and tried to listen to a song. 5 minutes download and two or three words, another 5 minutes download, another 2 or 3 words. But those few words had enough in them to pique my interest and a hunger for more. Wow. Now we got a problem. How to ask someone for help, and , not tell anyone till I had more info.  And not sure whether I should be ashamed or proud. What could I do? Turn to where I get all my help. The ubuntu south africa community.
Difficult to confide in someone you have never met but I didn't have a choice, so I asked one of the guys to go and look and listen and give me his opinion of my daughter I didn't know I had. And he downloaded the songs or videos for me and said we would make a plan to get a copy for me.After he had watched I asked him should I be proud or ashamed. He said proud and this is a story that must be told. And that is where this whole blog story started. Been a massive job trying to remember what is here and I am sure there is another book or two hidden in the noggin somewhere. But this is the main reason for this blog. I think it is a week and a bit since the first facebook message that started all this. One good thing has happened in this time and that is that my daughter and I communicate almost daily when she can make it under the workload she has. And her mom and I twice a day. Mornings and late evenings. Difficult chatting to someone 9 hours ahead of you. Is this the reason I was not allowed to stay dead. And the headache the punishment for what I did.
I honestly beleive the Almighty had a hand in this. I would appreciate your opinions.
Thanks for reading this blog

I would once again like to thank the ubuntu community for making this possible for me.
And to Debbie and Tara. Welcome home

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