Thursday, January 29, 2015

I have a virus

I can hear " the guys."
In Ubuntu?
In Linux?

No man.
In me.

First of all it was a normal pc virus that made you addicted to games. Now it has mutated into something even stronger.
Haven't had time for games for months.
First thing I do now in the morning after waking up is,
Turn on the pc. Check for mails. Open Pidgin. Open Xchat.
Then go do the normal ablutions.
Come back and read my mails
Then check for messages.
Hopefully "the guys" are helping someone sort out a problem.
And before too long that person is happy.
#ubuntu-za and are a fountain of information and help. Oh, don't forget

Apart from meals and normal bits of this and that the only time I am not busy watching them in action is when I am chatting to Debbie and my newly found daughter in Australia and my son in Rustenburg and my Brother in Dubai
Sometimes nearly all of them are on at once, then things get a bit hectic here.
Another new word. "for me anyway" -Multitasking- More work than running 10 k's used to be when I was young.
Wonderful thing this internet.
Still trying to work out how to use twitter properly.
And struggling to get a photo from picasa to here .
But will get there, I promise.
Keep well all of you.

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